H’oh boy, the time has come! I am so damn happy to be releasing my latest directorial effort, SAVING FACE!

This film has an incredibly personal story to it for me, which I’ve shared further down the page, so for those of you who might be into that kind of thing, keep scrolling when you’re done watching.

SYNOPSIS: With the world watching, a mild-mannered pro-wrestler transforms into what he’s always fought against: the bad guy.

Ring the bell!


Writer / Director / Editor: Glen Matthews ( GlenMatthews.ca ), Producer: Andrew Hicks ( fairfield-creative.com/ ), Director of Photography: Liam Higgins ( jellyphresh.com/ ), Assistant Director: Ian Burns ( ianburns.sqsp.com/ ), Wardrobe / Costume Design: Bonnie Archibald-Awalt, Sound Design & Mix: Dave Johnson, Data Management: David Fulde.

Red – Glen Matthews, Blue – Bob Mann, The Wife – Becca Babcock, Red Jr. – Ethan Beck, Boss – Kevin Gerrior, The Ref – Chris Fitzgerald, Manager – Ralph Walton-Bone Urquhart, Flatbed – Troy Merrick AKA Sexton Phoenix, Big Rig – Jason Collier AKA Lumber Jack Johnson, Kontra – Chris Cooke AKA The Big Picture, Slambo – Ryan Mader AKA Lincoln Steen.

…Things got pretty weird there, eh?

Those of you who know me are well aware that I have a long-standing obsession with professional wrestling. It started when I was a child, continued through my teens, then, after high school, I sold my car and moved to Moncton, New Brunswick to pursue training in the squared circle.

After a week of my grappler-education, I called home from a terribly depressing pay phone at a Moncton strip mall, telling my parents I was quitting wrestling. Why? Long story short: my body sucks (bad knees, bad back) and I knew I didn’t stand a chance if my body was crapping-out on me already. The dream was over before it even began.

After a bit of career-experimentation (ie. working at Bluenotes for a year), I eventually found my way to acting, which I really enjoyed, and people told me I was good at. Acting eventually lead to filmmaking, and eventually, thanks to SAVING FACE, filmmaking brought me back, full-circle, to professional wrestling…

Our shoot consisted of seven days of straight shooting. It was a gruelling process for all involved (I owe many people on that crew many beers). Our final three days of shooting were in the Halifax Forum, where we would be shooting all of the wrestling scenes.

We spent hours setting up the ring, exhausted, but knowing it had to get done before the next day, and when it was, I started running the ropes, and all of a sudden I just started laughing my ass off. It hit me like a ton of bricks: this was the very definition of a dream come true.

The next couple of days, we had four professional wrestlers come in, all of whom I sincerely respect (and have long admired); they worked with us, we worked with them, and I was in absolute heaven getting tossed around.

Honestly, I could go on for hours about how much making this film meant to me, but I just want to say thank you to everyone who had a hand in helping me get to whatever point in my career that I needed to be at to say, “Hey, I don’t know if anyone’s gonna dig this, but I’m gonna go make this weird wrestling film anyway.”

There’s a lot of you who’ve contributed to my career, either directing me in a short, handing me a water bottle between takes, or just saying something nice (don’t forget you wonderful people who donated to the Saving Face IndieGogo), thank you for playing a part in allowing me to live this dream.

On to the next one.



Struan Sutherland‘s THE HOLD UP is now online after a boisterous festival run, picking up awards and special mentions, all along the merry way!

The comedic short, features myself, Dave Rossetti, Pasha Ebrahimi, & Mike McLeod, and tells the tale of four aspiring criminals discovering that they have wildly conflicting, ludicrous opinions on how their bank robbery should go down.

Most recently, the short won Best Ensemble Cast at the Austin Comedy Short Film Fest.

Check it out, already!



I’ve decided to do something fun: I’ll be hosting an acting workshop next month (Sunday March 15th & 22nd). I’ve called it WHAT WORKED FOR ME because it just that, a collection of things, big and small, that have worked for me in the acting profession.

This workshop will focus on self-promotion and auditioning technique. It is built to give actors at all levels the skills to (1) promote your work efficiently, by converting self-promotion into opportunities, and to then (2) capitalize on those opportunities with strong auditioning habits.

If you’re in Halifax next month and want to take part, send an email to glenmatthewsworkshop@gmail.com to reserve a spot (spaces are limited).

For more info, head over to the Facebook event page @ https://www.facebook.com/events/1540750282866249/

Thanks guys, should be fun.

TOP 10 OF 2014

There was a whole lot to love this year in the cinema including him up there, Monsieur Gustav H., AKA Ralph “the incredible” Fiennes in Wes Anderson‘s GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, which just so happens to be my number one favourite film of 2014!

Go ahead, throw your hipster jokes in my direction, I don’t give one damn and / or shit, GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL is straight-up magical (not to mention hilarious, and at times, oddly terrifying). Moving at the speed of a freight-train, anchored by Ralph Fiennes insanely, insanely entertaining and precise performance, this film just doesn’t stop with the magic. I know there’s a lot of people out there who just can’t do Wes Anderson, and I get it, I do, sometimes I also find his style overbears his substance, but GRAND BUDAPEST is the perfect marriage of the two and for me, feels like his best film yet.

Here is the remaining 9 films, in no particular order, that I loved oh-so dearly…








onlyloversleftaliveONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE


I think most of the films on my list have done their fair share of business (I’m looking at you, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY), so I’d like to encourage you to keep an eye out for CAST NO SHADOW, the Newfoundland feature film which cleaned up the awards at this year’s Atlantic Film Festival. It was honestly one of the best Canadian films I’ve ever seen. Head to their Facebook page and give ’em a like to keep track of their progress: https://www.facebook.com/castnoshadowmovie


That’s it for 2014! It was a good one! Here’s hoping STAR WARS EP. 7 will be everything the child in me wants it to be and you’ll be seeing it on here next January.

Thanks for reading (er, looking at jpegs)!


Fresh off the heels of winning the Outlier Film Fest’s Audience Award for Best Short Film (link), SAVING FACE, now has a teaser trailer! I wrote, directed and starred in this weird wrestling film, so enjoy this damn thing!

Still a few months away from a web release, so stay tuned to here for more festival news!


In November Halifax lost one of it’s finest contributors to the film & television community, Matt Chisholm.

I’m going to do a terrible job of eulogizing him because he was a very good friend and it still sucks way too hard to think about the fact that he’s gone now, but (here we go) he was a writer, actor, crew-member and honest to god, one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Seriously, so goddamn funny. Basically everyone in Halifax has a story (or five) about Matt’s kindness and generousity. I’m lucky to have known him. We all were.

I’ve worked with Matt a million times in my career, but I’m most proud of our work together on-screen in FOAM DRIVE RENEGADES, which Matt co-wrote alongside Adam Deviller.

This past summer, over the course of a few drinks, I told Matt that FOAM DRIVE is honestly one of the things I’m most proud of in my career, and I really mean that, I love it’s blend of absurd comedy and tension, and mostly, I loved acting with Matt. It really sucks to know that I’ll never share the screen with him again, but I am so thankful that I’ll always have FOAM DRIVE to remember those cold nights in Dartmouth we all spent making this damn thing.

If you didn’t know him, I’m sorry, give the flick a watch and hopefully that’ll help, but you missed out on knowing one helluva human being…

Love ya, brother.